How to Get More Meetings from Cold Calling

Be more persistent — that’s it.

Sometimes its persistence that gets you the meeting and wins the business. These clients are testing you. They’re trying to figure out whether they want to work with you, by finding out how hard you will work for them.

Since persistence is a quality that can not be faked, bought, or borrowed, it takes personal sweat equity to make it happen.

Persistence Is Key

Let me tell you a little story because I feel stories convey messages in a more effective manner. A few years ago, I cold called a property owner in November who wanted to sell but didn’t want to meet. I called the owner approximately twice a week (most of the time not answering) for 2 months until he finally agreed in January to meet and hear what I had to say.

After hearing me out and agreeing with most of my marketing plan, he requested that I meet with his wife to explain our marketing strategy. One month passes, and I finally speak with the owner’s wife in late February. We discuss the 1031 exchange and what my plan is for their two property portfolio. She nods in subtle agreement and says she needs time to review the information. So I respectfully continue to follow up to uncover any questions or doubts they may have about moving forward with the sale.

Another month passes, and in March the couple reached out to me and suggested it would be beneficial if we all met together to discuss the strategy again. Finally, they sign the listing agreement after five months of following up with them. After they signed the listing agreement (I’ll never forget what he told me), the husband looks at me and says “Edward I’m signing this listing with you because if you’re this persistent with me, I know you will be this persistent FOR ME.”

After that day, I realized the interview process doesn’t begin when you first meet them, it begins when they first pick up the phone and hear your voice. As soon as you talk to them for the first time, they are interviewing you. They want to know, does this agent give up at the first rejection or do they fight through all the obstacles?

Think Like the Client

Put yourself in their shoes. Have you ever dealt with someone so persistent that eventually you agree to hear them out? You figure, if this individual is following up with me this consistently, he or she must have something of value to share. And then when you give the person the time of day, you end up being interested in what the person is offering.

Be more persistent because you believe in your service, offering or product. And if you don’t believe in it — find a reason to!

I won their business not because of what I said, but because of what I did. Sometimes its persistence that gets the meeting and not all the fancy marketing and analysis. Worry less about what you’re saying and worry more about what you’re doing — consistently.

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